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Where we got our kennel name from

We started to use a film title theme for our dogs’ kennel club names with Dali, Detania Love Actually. The name just came to me one night, watching... Love Actually. It seemed to suit the little lilac girlie, and has given us an infinite source of really nice KC names ever since. 

When we came to decide on a kennel name, it really wasn’t easy. After several attempts at coming up with a nice sounding word made up of our initials, we started to think of something else. Watching a Dreamworks film one night, and it occurred to us how perfect Dreamwork was. Our dogs are bred to work, whatever your discipline – our youngsters have already gone into agility, breed and Cani-X.

And the Dream part is homage to the wonderful Wizard, Sh Ch Goytre Prince of Dreams JW ShCM, who is father to our two bitches. Wizard is the first male red show champion Border Collie – to date there has only been two. 

And our beautiful logo was taken from this picture of Dj, which just seemed to fit the kennel name perfectly.