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The Girls

Fiction - Dreamwork Collat'ral Beauty

Hereditarily clear of TNS, CL and MDR1. DNA tested clear for CEA. BAER tested and eye tested clear.  


Drama - Dreamwork Interstellar

Hereditarily clear of TNS, IGS and CL. BAER tested and eye tested clear. 

Drama is Muse's first daughter, and was born not breathing after the umbilical cord became wrapped around her neck. It had possibly been there some time, as she was half the size of her siblings at just 200g. 

She showed incredible resilience, and after spending a week willing her to live, I knew I could never let her go. But what a gift she is - still small, but perfectly formed and full of attitude.

 She made her debut in the show ring at Windsor Championship Show, winning Minor Puppy Bitch and qualifying for Crufts at the first attempt! All on my birthday too - this girl has a sense of occasion! Her brother Arrow qualified the same day, making Crufts 2016 a family affair. 

She's still a baby full of promise, with exciting times ahead.


Muse - Dreamwork Love Happens

DNA tested CEA carrier. Hereditarily clear of TNS, IGS and CL. BAER normal and clear eye test. Elbows 0/0, hips 7/5.

Muse is Dali's last red daughter, the only red and white in Dreamwork 4. At just two days old, she climbed into my arms and fell asleep, something I have never seen in a whelp of that age. She climbed into my heart at the same time.

Muse was been lightly shown before taking time out to become a Mum. She qualified for Crufts both 2013 and 2014, won AV Pastoral Puppy at Hitchin and Post Graduate BC at Maidenhead, and second in Novice bitch at Midlands BC. After some time out of the show ring for maternity, she qualified for Crufts 2016 too. 

She had her first litter, DW6 in December 2014, and was a truly outstanding mother. Her pups are a credit to her. 


Lacey – Detania Sunrise Lacey with Dreamwork

DNA tested clear of IGS. Hereditarily clear of TNS, CEA and CL. BAER tested clear 

In early 2011, we were given the opportunity to take on Lacey, a daughter of Lulu’s litter sister Dreamer. She is her grandmother (also called Lacey) reincarnated, in looks, temperament and habits!

Lacey is a busy little thing. She likes to tell us when one of the other dogs has been naughty, and, pops onto your lap for a quick cuddle before flying off to play again.

She brings some exciting new blood to the Dreamwork line from her Australian import grandfather, Am Ch Rowesdale Creme Brulee. 

She had her first litter in February 2013, with our Dante as the father.She has been lightly shown with some success. 


Vixn - Dreamwork Make It Happen

DNA tested CEA carrier. Hereditarily clear of TNS, IGS and CL. Gonioscopy clear. BAER tested clear.  

Vixn is Lulu and Dj’s daughter, last born in a litter of four. As a tiny pup, she was extremely strong, and sadly the people who enquired about her did not pass muster to deal with that strength. It soon became apparent that she had no intention of leaving anyway!

The intention was to train Vixn for agility, but after a routine chiro check discovered an issue with her neck, which our superb vet eventually diagnosed as a hairline fracture, we decided it simply wasn't worth the risk. 


Lulu - Detania Mnm's Little Alushia

Hereditarily clear of TNS, CEA and CL. BAER tested clear.

Lulu is full sister to Dali by the previous mating. Although they are sisters, they have very different personalities, and Lu is slightly more serious than her sister, but just as loving. She puts her all into pleasing you.

Lulu had one litter to Dj in May 2009. However, after enduring a long, 36 hour labour, we took the decision not to breed from her again, for her own well-being.