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Dante – Dreamwork I am Legend

DNA tested clear for CEA. Hereditarily clear of TNS, CL and IGS. Current clear eye certificate. Gonioscopy clear. BAER tested clear. Hips 6-6

Dante was born in April 2008, the only merle in our first ever litter. Dan has taken on the best characteristics of both his parents and really is, without doubt, the sweetest BC in the world! 

He is a big, strong boy, but has the agility and balance of a much finer dog, as is seen in his aptitude for climbing on the toilet seat, back of the settee and pretty much anywhere high up that you don’t think he can get to!

He is full of character, and has all the drive and passion of his parents. He passed his puppy, bronze and silver Good Citizens tests, and has had some successes in the show ring, qualifying for Crufts 2010. He has twice won the Troumerle Trophy for the best merle at East Anglia Border Collie Club


He has only been lightly worked and trained in agility, due to Jill's long term injury. However, he shows strength and power in what he does.

Dante is available at limited stud to tested bitches, subject to our approval. Please contact us for a frank discussion if you are interested in using him. He fathered his first litter to our Lacey in 2013, and we are thrilled with what he produces. 


Dj - Detania Mnm's Dj Dreamwork

DNA tested clear for TNS, CL, IGS and MDR1, carrier for CEA. Gonioscopy clear. BAER tested clear. Hips 6-7

Dj, as you can see, is a red merle Border Collie. He has a fantastic temperament with drive and willingness to please. He passes on his superb temperament to his progeny. He has strength, speed and stamina, and beautiful balance. He is a natural on sheep.

Dj is now retired from stud, having fathered the first four Dreamwork litters. He still helps supervise his grandchildren though!


Daytona - Dreamwork Crazy Stupid Love

Hereditarily clear of TNS, IGS and CL. BAER tested and eye tested clear. 

Daytona is our ray of sunshine. He was Dali x Dj's last litter, and despite deciding early on that Muse was staying, he had no intention of going anywhere either. He is a permanently happy chappie with the classic Dreamwork temperament. 


Matisse - Bluella Mystery Man

DNA tested carrier for CEA. Hips 8/4

Matisse is literally our blue-eyed boy, and has been an incredible dog to work through a long career. 

He is very willing, powerful with high work drive, and competed successfully in both obedience, where he worked Beginners and Novice, and agility where he is Grade 5 (Intermediate). 

He retired from agility in September 2014, but was still jumping full height at that stage. He celebrated his retirement at Midland Border Collie Club Open Show (breed and Obedience) by coming home with a first in Special Working, third in Veteran show classes and second in Beginners obedience! 

Matisse has enormous heart. He is the second oldest of our dogs, but is showing no signs of growing old gracefully, although he is slowing down a little.


Denver - Meisterwerk Blue Dream

DNA tested clear for CEA, TNS, CL and IGS. Current clear eye certificate. Gonioscopy clear. BAER tested clear. Elbows 0/0, hips 6-5

Denver is owned and loved by Nik Knight, and joined the family after a long search for the right suitor for Muse. We wanted a dog with the same fabulous temperament, excellent structure and health test results as we get from our boys, with colour and hopefully merle thrown in. Just when we were beginning to think we would never find what we were looking for - up popped Denver! 

He competes in agility at grade 5. 

Thoughtfully bred by Pauline Buxton, his lines go back to both show champions and an International Supreme Champion. He has the most beautiful, effortless free movement which really grabs the attention, and Muse adores him too. 

Please contact Nik directly for stud enquiries.