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Temperament is very much a health issue, since more dogs end up in rescue because of behavioural problems than for any other reason.

While the hereditability of temperament has not been widely studied, an experiment to mimic domestication using Silver Foxes would suggest that it is very much an inheritable feature. Clearly there are environmental influences, and it is possible to deteriorate a good temperament through neglect, abuse and misguided or heavy-handed training techniques. Equally, we work hard to expose the puppies to many different experiences at an early age, so make them better able to cope with noise, people, environment and other influences.

Your Border Collie puppy will need to be trained, and will need to lead an active, purposeful life. Don’t ever underestimate the problem-solving capability of a Border Collie – and to them, boredom is a problem! Most problems are easily sorted, especially if you tackle them sooner rather than later.

Should you choose to breed from your dog, please, please bear temperament in mind when selecting a mate. Breeding from dogs of poor temperament is for the unscrupulous.

We are always on the end of the phone for any of our puppy owners, a promise that lasts a lifetime. If you do not have a Dreamwork, but would like some advice on your Border Collie, do feel free to contact us using the form.