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What to do if you are interested in a Dreamwork boy

Before enquiring about stud services by our boys, we thought it would be helpful if you understood our position regarding their use.

We consider ourselves to be good breeders with high standards, and want the kennel name Dreamwork to be synonymous with quality, well-bred dogs. We go to strenuous efforts to ensure our puppies are well socialised, healthy and confident. Pups are hearing and eye tested at six weeks, wormed regularly with details of the worming protocol passed on to owners and advice regarding inoculations. Our new owners go home with a comprehensive puppy pack, that offers a wealth of information plus food and toys. Owners are grilled for suitability, and turned away if we do not have the right puppy for them. They are assured of a lifetime of interest and support from us.

If you are interested in using a Dreamwork boy on your bitch, we will expect the same high standards from you. We are happy to help and advise the inexperienced breeder, but if you are not willing to go to the same lengths as us, or better, then there is nothing in the world that can buy our boys’ services. There are (sadly) plenty of people who couldn’t give a monkey’s who their dogs are used on, and we cordially suggest you avail yourself of their services and don’t waste our time or yours. Or better still – leave breeding to those who give a damn.

If, however, you intend to raise good quality puppies with consideration, compassion and intelligence, we are happy to discuss our boys further, so please get in touch.