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Raising happy, healthy puppies is hard work

Dreamwork puppies are raised in our home, and we do our best to ensure that they are well prepared for life ahead.

We carry out bio-sensory stimulation from days 3-16.There are different schools of thought on the effectiveness of this, but if nothing else, it ensures a fairly structured approach to handling at an early stage.

Pups are raised on good quality food and are regularly wormed. Once they have their eyes open, we try to introduce a new toy or experience every day or two. They meet lots of people, and hear household noises. 

Once the puppies are fully active, they are socialised with the rest of our dogs, so learn to play with large and small dogs, and we will start to house train them. We start to get them used to grooming and nail clipping.

At around six weeks, they are BAER hearing tested and screened for eye defects. This involves a 300 mile round trip to the Animal Health Trust in Thetford, so your puppy will also arrive used to travelling!

We do not take our bitches off the puppies at some imaginary deadline, but are guided by the girls, who do the most fabulous job of teaching their offspring, particularly during the later weeks. 

We do not allow our pups to go before 8 weeks, although we may relax this by a day or two depending on circumstances. 

Those last weeks have a huge impact on the puppies’ personalities, and we believe what they learn from their mum at that stage is invaluable.

To help our puppies learn to use their senses through play, and to expose them to different textures, substrates, sounds etc, we developed the Dreamplay Sensory Mat with K9Evolution

We also give them bells, noise buttons, wobble cushions and tunnels to play with. 

And as you can see below, we like to do a sheep socialisation, courtesy of Nij Vyas