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So you think you want a Dreamwork puppy?

We breed infrequently but occasionally have puppies available to the very best homes.

Prospective puppy owners are grilled about their home and lifestyle, aspirations for the dog, experience levels and personality. 

We believe in a home for life, and go to great lengths to ensure that is what our puppies experience. We are on hand for a lifetime of assistance, and we want to know how you are getting on. 

So if you are hoping to grab puppy and run, then Dreamwork isn’t for you. 

If you want to be part of an extended family, hear how three generations of relatives are getting on and celebrate their achievements, then we may be.

If your life would be that little bit more complete with a Dreamwork puppy, we do recommend that you get in touch to register your interest, as waiting time is normally the minimum of a year and frequently much longer. We would normally expect you to come and meet the family before the puppies are born – we have various relatives ourselves, and can often arrange for you to meet others.

However, we cannot stress enough that being accepted onto our puppy list does not guarantee you a puppy

If we do not believe that we have the right puppy for you, you won’t get a wrong one. Please don’t be offended by this: our pups are everything to us, and we will not let them go to homes that we are not 200% happy with.