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Zazou - Starside Mr Bump into Dreamwork

Zaz is a true hairless Chinese Crested Dog, from the fabulous Starside kennel.

He is chock full of character, absolutely fearless and a wonderful dog to live with. When Lulu was in labour, he kept her company and allowed her to cuddle him - awesome temperament! – something we have never seen before!

Zaz is every bit as intelligent as the Border Collies, but his motivation is different, and if he makes his mind up that he “ain’t gonna”... there is no way you are making him! He has a quiet, calm way, always helping himself to the warmest, most comfortable place, whether it is a human lap or curled up with one of his hairier housemates.

He currently competes at grade 4 in agility. 

We are eternally grateful to Pat Ward of Starside for entrusting us with this wonderful boy.


Angel - Just Like Heaven

Angel is a working cocker, and was put into rescue because her previous owners couldn't cope with her energy levels!

When we first enquired about her, she had already been homed, but after ten days she was returned, because they too couldn’t cope with her energy levels! We were determined that her travels would end with us, and we would do whatever it took to make it work for her. On that first night, after around 30 mins of wall of death, we popped her into a crate to chill and she let out the most enormous sigh – she was home.

She was given no training or guidelines at all, and we soon discovered we had an incredibly insecure little girl, but with a stealing habit that put Fagin to shame! Her tongue bears two deep notches where at some stage she has been hit so hard on her nose that she bit her own tongue on both sides. This was fully healed when we got her aged six months, so she clearly endured that violence as a young puppy.

Unfortunately, her insecurity, which translates into blind panic running, has meant that she has never competed in agility, although she has done a small amount of agility training and is phenomenal! Although she is a million miles away from how she was when she arrived, she is still a work in progress, and serves as a reminder that it can take years to rehab a dog that is ruined in six months.