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Responsible breeders of coloured Border Collies

We have been breeding Border Collies since 2008, and have many years’ experience of training, competing and living with dogs of many breeds.

We both judge, instruct and compete in agility, and together run our own private agility club, Red Kite, training in deepest rural Buckinghamshire. Although this is our main hobby, we love being with and working our dogs, and have dabbled in obedience, breed showing and more recently sheepwork.

We breed infrequently so you need to be prepared to wait a year or more. We pride ourselves on raising dogs to a very high standard. Once the litter has arrived, owners in waiting are kept in touch via webcam, between visits, and we are always available on email or phone to answer questions.

The dogs we breed from are chosen for their impeccable temperaments, their health, work ethic and that vital “off switch” that makes them a pleasure to live with. Their welfare is paramount, and to that end, no dog is bred from until it is two years old, and no bitch has more than three litters in her lifetime.

We care passionately about all the Dreamworks, and like to be kept in touch. We occasionally organise a meet-up, and are always pleased to hear from our owners. Dreamwork is more than a kennel, it is a family.