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The ones we have loved and lost

DeeDee - Mnm's Deed Ream Believer

Dee was a Saluki lurcher - salukis are used to give lurchers stamina to hunt for long periods. Like Bryn and Angel, she was a rescue, as she was an unwanted pup. The rescue identified her as a GSD cross at 12 weeks old, but the legs (and nose!) kept growing!

Dee reached senior (grade 6) in agility with many trophies to her name and one win towards G7. In 2006, she qualified for Novice Olympia Stakes, where handler error cost her a trophy, but she still came 4th with 5F. 

Dee competed into her senior years, still enjoying jumping aged 12. She died aged 15 1/2 from old age. 

Matisse - Bluella Mystery Man

13 January 2002 - 9 April 2016

Matisse is literally our blue-eyed boy, and has been an incredible dog to work through a long career. We were still reelin

He is very willing, powerful with high work drive, and competed successfully in both obedience, where he worked Beginners and Novice, and agility where he is Grade 5 (Intermediate). 

He retired from agility in September 2014, but was still jumping full height at that stage. He celebrated his retirement at Midland Border Collie Club Open Show (breed and Obedience) by coming home with a first in Special Working, third in Veteran show classes and second in Beginners obedience! 


Dali - Detania Love Actually

25 September 2005 - 11 February 2016 

Dali took our hearts to Rainbow Bridge when cancer stole her away from us on 11 February 2016. 

Dali is and always will be incredibly special to us, mother of three of the first four Dreamwork litters, an incredible foundation bitch and a wonderful mother. 

Despite being small – she is borderline medium-large in agility measurements – she had enormous power, with speed and drive over the jumps. She had one jumping win towards G4 which qualified her for the Novice Cup at KCIAF 2014.

She was a very intelligent dog, passing her puppy Good Citizen after only three lessons, age 16 weeks, and six weeks later passed her bronze. She was also very loving dog, and liked to sit in your lap and put her front legs around your neck! She has left a massive gap behind her. 


Bryn - Celtic Clown of Valgray 

?January 1998 - 7 May 2013

Bryn was always a larger than life character, with his own unique outlook on life.

He was a Valgrays rescue, and on arrival was little more than a skeleton covered in fur. He didn’t know his own name or any commands, and had endured the most horrendous abuse.

He turned around from that start enough to enjoy some minor successes in agility and obedience, but by far his greatest achievement was to become a model. He features heavily in photographer Nick Ridley’s book “How to Photograph Pets” and the follow up on dogs.

Despite the cruelty and abuse he received as a puppy by his previous owner, he was always a big teddy bear and a truly courageous dog. He taught me so much and made me a better dog trainer.


Wiz - Mnm's Kizzaholic 

13-6-1999 - 6-7-2011

Wiz, our stunning German Shepherd Dog, left for the Bridge on Wednesday 6th July 2011. She had enjoyed a last holiday, running on the beach in Jersey (in May) and sleeping in the sun, and a last show (just three days ago) at the idyllic Berkley Castle.

Wiz once again suffered a torsion. We were lucky that she survived the first one - a second proved more than she could bear. She was released from her pain, and took our hearts with her to Rainbow Bridge. 

She retired from agility competition in 2008, after the first torsion almost killed her. She was the grand old lady who kept all the youngsters in line, and has played a valuable role in raising the Dreamwork puppies in the first three litters. She was kind and gentle with infinite patience, yet commanded respect. Wiz leaves a gaping hole in our lives.

As Mike’s first agility dog, she won him out of elementary, and gained numerous places. She is everything that a GSD should be, beautiful, intelligent and sweet natured.


Tess - Celtic Cross

? April 1992 - 16 August 2007

My firstest and bestest girlie, so long gone but always very much missed. 

A little rescue on her last day before PTS at Ingham Rescue Kennels, she came home with Dad and I that day and life was never the same again. 

She was an accomplished agility dog, qualifying for the Dogs in Needs finals, and the Agility Needs Jumping finals, eventually winning me out of starters when she was aged 9. 

Its thanks to Tess that I discovered Border Collies, and agility, she changed my life.